Father Abraham, had many sons…

A dear brother of mine and I are currently studying men in the Bible who were called by God. So, yea. This is going to take us a while.

While reading Genesis 12 & 22 this morning, I was really blown away by Abraham’s obedience. So here it goes: God tells him to go sacrifice his son. Abraham says ok.

That’s it.

In fact, it says Abraham woke up early. Was this out of nervousness? Anxiety? Or mere excitement to do what the Father commanded him. Who knows… I’d like to think the latter.

The second thing I have noticed is the faith that Abraham displays regarding God’s test to sacrifice his son. The notes from my study bible state that Abraham had a sorta two-fold faith. His first ‘level’ of faith was that God would provide a sacrifice for him so he wouldn’t have to kill his son. The second ‘level’ was that even if he did sacrifice Isaac, God would raise him from the dead.

Oh, Abraham. You’re the man.

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