Ordinary: (existing and not living)

I’ve had a few people ask me why I chose the specific term, “ordinary”. It honestly made me think about it in more detail so I decided to consult with my worthless sometimes helpful friend, Siri. Well, this time, she knocked it out of the park. Ordinary: with no special or distinctive features; normal. This essentially means you’re born, you exist (not actual living), you die and no one notices. You have no impact. You leave no legacy. Quite the antithesis of God’s desires.

Newsflash, there is nothing in the Bible that ever tells us to have no special or distinctive features. As Christian men (and women), we are called, and should be constantly pursuing, to display distinctive features that allow others to say, “something is different about that person”. My prayer is that the Men of Hope would stand apart in the world. I pray we (me included) would display special and distinctive features like praying with our wives every morning and night, reading scripture to our children, checking on the hearts of our family members, and serving the community.

Pursue God. Get in the Word. Lead your family. Love your neighbors. Be distinct. Don’t be ordinary.

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