My Biggest Passion

God has put on my heart, quite possibly heavier than anything I’ve ever felt, a passion for helping men who are in bondage to sexual sin. Let me emphasize, the following struggles listed have nothing to do with my thoughts or opinions; I help men strictly according to what the gospel teaches. I’m not concerned with my thoughts on these issues. I’m not concerned with the government’s thoughts on these issues. I’m not concerned with Hollywood’s thoughts on these issues. I’m strictly concerned with God’s thoughts on these issues. If you’d like to discuss this more, I’d love to meet over coffee.

So. Here it goes.

To men, no matter where you are right now – addicted to porn, suffering the consequences of an affair, or simply fighting a daily battle against temptation – God’s grace is stronger and because of that, you are never without hope. Married men, it will lead you down a road that will cause more pain than you’ve ever felt. And never, ever say “I can look, I just can’t touch” (hint: that’s not biblical). Single men, it will distort your image of what a Godly marriage should be and cause a lot of heartache for you and your future family. Win this battle for you. Win it for your marriage. Win it for your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and the many generations to come after.

I lead a men’s group at Hope Community Church that confronts sexual sin head on and frees you from it. It is a safe place for all guys. If you want more information, contact me immediately. My cell is 704-300-4308 and my email is

Stop fighting the battle alone.

To women (men, you’ll hate me for what I’m going to tell them, get over it), don’t turn a blind eye. Don’t say “well, every guy does it, it’s not a big deal”. Don’t tell yourself, “he’s just young, he’ll grow out of it”. If you think that it won’t destroy your marriage, well, you may be right. It may never completely destroy it. But at the bare minimum, your marriage will never be what God intended it to be. So, if your husband or boyfriend or son is fighting this battle, tell them you want them to get help. Tell them to contact me. Tell them there is hope. Tell them there is healing. Don’t lose hope.