What & Why

As I sat over a cup of coffee with a friend, we discussed the difficulty of finding a mentor. And we weren’t referring to a regular, ordinary, half-way type of man. We wanted more. We needed more. And the reason that we wanted more is because we wanted to be more. We established that we are, unfortunately, completely surrounded by ordinary men and we were also afraid we fit into the ordinary mold as well.

So, how do we get ordinary men to become Godly men. And by Godly, we don’t mean one who goes to church on Sunday because his wife begged him to. We mean the kind of man that reminds you of John the Baptist or Paul. Or the man who hits his knees in prayer every morning for their family. Or the man who protects the heart of the woman he dates and protects her body by responding to temptation in a Godly manner.

Introducing, Men of Hope. The men’s ministry at Hope Community Church was created to help ordinary men become Godly men. We want to provide mentor programs, premarital counseling, men’s hikes, and community groups that will help you through this battle that we call life.